Textile Artist? Since ceasing to teach and do commission work there does not seem to be enough time
to do a great deal of detailed stitching, but with the development of being able to print onto fabric,
sketches and water colour paintings have become a useful tool, then the addition of ‘stitch’: either by
hand or on the machine makes for an interesting result.

I am a life member of the Embroiderers’ Guild, and a member of the South Devon Branch, a member of
the local Quay Quitters, and a branch member of the West Country Embroiderers. I have exhibited with
the local groups, and enjoy taking part in their activities.

Being a member of the New Embroidery Group gives me the impetus to work for their exhibitions.
When I can get to London it gives me the opportunity to join with friends for the meetings and hear
interesting speakers, catch up on exhibitions, and enjoy the faster pace of life in the south east.