As a child I watched my mother whose artistic talent was always with her needle or sewing machine. Everything was made from clothes to furnishing. I actually kept several of the lovely smocked dresses she made for my daughters and now I have such pleasure seeing my three granddaughters wearing them.

So I guess I inherited a love of needlework, but it is only in the last few years that I have explored it as an art form, being so inspired by the beautiful embroidery, mixed media and textile art of others, and intrigued by the plethora of materials and techniques seen at Exhibitions, Embroidery Group Meetings and, of course, books and the internet.

Despite having no qualifications in this field I am exploring this exciting art form and loving every minute. With the encouragement of likeminded people and indeed the surprise of selling one or two pictures I am finding it quite an adventure – oh for 48 hours in every day!